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  4. Hi,

    I want do visit Amsterdam next year and see Bruce Springsteen on the 27th of May. Do you know a salesplace I can find 3 tickets? Online i couldn’t find anything. It seems to be sold out.


  5. Good Day,
    We are going to be visiting Amsterdam in July, Because of our plans we are only going to be in the city a few hours following departing a cruise. We are trying to ascertain if there are any easily accessible Luggage lockers that we would be able to use for a few hours.
    We have looked at a company called Luggagehero, but not being familiar with the city and not being able to get an address or specific information of the facility until after reservations, that makes me uncomfortable.
    Any offerings or suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  6. <I like to know if its possible to let our bus stop at Roijkin tourboats to drop passagers ang collect them Im tourguide from Sweden

  7. Dear MS/MR,

    I tried to send a email via the normal way however my Captcha code is not showing up and therefor I can not send out the mail. I am a student and I want to get in contact

    I hope to be hearing from you soon,

    Kind regards,

    Thijs ande Glind

  8. Hello. My wife and I will be in Amsterdam for two full days after a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. We have early morning tickets at the 21st of August for the Anne Frank house and museum. We would then like to visit the Corrie ten Boom house. Is there public transportation close to the Anne Frank house that we can catch to get us there or do we have to got to the Central Station? We would go by train or bus at your recommendation. Thank you so much – Mike W.

    • Hi Michael,

      From Anne Franks house it’s a short distance to go the Central Station Amsterdam. You need to go by train from Amsterdam CS to the Corrie ten Boom huse in Haarlem. That’s the best solution.

  9. The EYE filmmuseum has not been free for 2 years, please update your info!

  10. My husband and I will arrive in Holland 2 May and will leave 11 May. I’ve researched different museum/attraction cards and am thinking the Holland Medium Pass is best but would like your recommendation as it is a bit confusing. We want to visit Rijkesmuseum, Royal Delft Experience, Vermeer,Unnesco Kinderdijk, Heineken, Frans Hall,Van Gogh Museum, Marken Express, Keukenhof, Canal cruise, and Rembrandt House. MuseumKaart has been suggested by many but will be going outside Amsterdam so I’m thinking Holland Pass better. We will have the a TripKey so travel is not a consideration in choosing best option. Thinking gold pass for Rijkes, Van Gogh and silver for Keukenhof or canal cruise and Heineken. Will then use discount card for other attractions/museums. Can I buy discount tickets at a Tourist Information site or do I buy at each museum/attraction. If at each site, do I have to queue with others buying tickets? Your recommendation please. Many thanks.

    • Dear Kyle,
      Museumkaart is also valid outside Amsterdam; it’s a national card. But you only get discounts at museums, not at any attraction like Heineken Experience, a Canal Cruise, Marken Express etc. So if you want to visit both museums and attractions we recommend the Amsterdam Holland Pass.
      Unfortunately the Amsterdam Holland Pass does not give access anymore to a fast track entrance. Amsterdam has become more and more popular during the last years that the largest museums can’t accept this anymore. So yiu have to stand in line like al other ticket holders.
      If you have used your GOLDEN & SILVER tickets you can use the Amsterdam Holland Pass for disocunts. These discounted tickets you have to buy at the museum/attraction itself.
      Perhaps you have to buy the Amsterdam Holland Pass LARGE if you are planning to visit that much museums and attractions >>
      Enjoy our beautiful city within a few days!
      Kind Regards,
      Mirjam & Jan

  11. Dear SIr,
    Please answer me ugrently becuase I’m in process of buying I am Amsterdam card.
    I plan buy card for 96 hours, and whan to know:
    1. If I buy card from Friday 21.4. and us it Saturdey 10:a.m. does cards start cout hours from Saturday 10.a.m.
    2. If I use it AT Saturday 10:00 a.m. is that mean that is valid until Wednesday 10.00 a.m.

    I plan spend tow days on airport and 3 days in Amsterdam. What is the best option for 2 days travel from airport to centar (which card you recomend me if I already have I am Amsterdam card

  12. I have problem to contact SMIT hotel in Amsterdam ( Hoofdstraat 26-28)
    Do you know their telephone number or beter their WEB site ?
    thanks in advance.
    best regards
    Jean Masson

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