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The National Museum Card (Museumkaart) offers unlimited free access to almost all museums in The Netherlands. According to new rules, only Dutch residents can use the National Museum Card (museumkaart) for a full one year after registering it online. To others the card will expire after 31 days. The new ‘Museumkaart’ costs € 54.95 (excluding EUR 4.95 administration fee) for adults and €32.45 for teenagers up to 18 years of age.

This is the real deal for museum lovers! You will save money if you visit more than 5 or 6 museums during your stay (depending on the entrance fee). The ‘Museumkaart’ is available at all the museums accepting the ‘Museumkaart’ and at the ‘Amsterdams Uitburo’ (location: Leidseplein). It is very easy to purchase; you only have to fill out a form and the card is ready for use. People living in The Netherlands can buy the card online. They have the advantage that the card is valid for one year.

Pros & Cons:

 Visit the same museum several times. Compared to other discount cards, the good thing about the ‘Museumkaart’ is that you can visit the same museum as many times as desired during your stay in Amsterdam or The Netherlands. Other discount cards like the Amsterdam Holland Pass or I amsterdam City Card only allows you to visit the museum once.

 No Attractions and Public Transport included. The ‘Museumkaart’ may give you unlimited access to many museums, but the card offers no discounts or free access for attractions or canal cruises, no free public transport, no bicycle rental and no discounts at restaurants and shops are included.


Amsterdams Uitburo Location Leidseplein

The ‘Museumkaart’ is available at all the museums accepting the ‘Museumkaart’ and at the ‘Amsterdams Uitburo’ (location: Leidseplein)

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Museums in Amsterdam with Free Entrance Museumkaart


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  1. Hello!

    My family and I are going to Rotterdam first. Is it possible to purchase the Museum Card in Rotterdam, and if so, where can we but it from?

  2. Can I buy a Museumkaart for my friend if they are not with me? Does each person need to be present in order to buy their own Museumkaart

  3. Does Buying this card requires any ID proof?
    can we download the form and fill and bring along to save time?

  4. How can we reserve timed entry to the Rijksmuseum and the Highlights and Rembrandt tours when we will be using the Museumkaart for the entry and pay for the tours?

  5. Can the Museumkaart be purchased with a credit card (Visa issued in USA)at any of the Amsterdam museums which issue it?

  6. Can the Amsterdam museum card (which I would use for the one month period, as a tourist) be used for the ZuiderzeeMuseum?

  7. Just to verify – for tourists to the Netherlands, the Museumkaart can only be purchased upon arrival and can not be purchased online, in advance?

  8. Hello,
    I’d like to know if there is a place near the central station where I can buy the Museumkaart.
    Does the Uitburo in Leidseplein 26 sell the Museumkaart?
    If so how can I get in touch with the Uitburo in order to know their opening time? Or can you help me about that? I’m arriving in Amsterdam on Thursday and I would like to but the card on the same day so that the day after I can start to visit museum and possibly to take advantage of the priority access without having to queue to buy the car.
    Thanks in advance and best regards

  9. Many museums have tickets for timed entry. If you have this card, do you have to also have a timed entry?
    Thank you,

  10. Can you buy the Museumkaart anywhere in Leiden? Is the Tulip Gardens near Leiden on the Museumkaart?Thank you

  11. I am from Germany and am frequently in Amsterdam, enjoying visiting its museums. I had a museum card during the past years and am surprised that from this year only Dutch residents can take advantage of this offer. Whereas Dutch residents are charged an annual fee of 54.95 Euro for the ‘new’ museum card, European foreigners like me are charged 659.40 Euros for exactly the same service. This is rediculous. Can you provide an explanation for this policy?

    • …still waiting for a reply on November 3, 2017

    • …still waiting for a reply on December 6, 2017. It is now 8 months ago I posed the question above.

  12. Sometimes we receive the question “Can I skip the line with a Museumkaart?”
    Some information:
    At most of the museums you just queue up as normal and present your museum card at the ticket counter. There are some execptions at the more popular museums.
    Van Gogh Museum has a fast-lane entry for Museumkaart holders.
    Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Maritime Museum you just get your museum card scanned at the main entrance (no need to queue at the sales desk).
    – The Hermitage Museum has self-scan machines for museum cards in the foyer.
    Anne Frank House: avoid the long queues and pre-book your ticket online which gives you a specific entry time. Museumkaart holders get free entry and only need to pay a €0.50 fee during the online booking process. You only need to show the card when you arrive at the museum.

    Kind Regards,

    • Can you explain how to get a timed entry to Anne Frank House using the Museumk Aarti card?

      • You can visit the Anne Frank House website at Select Buy tickets online. Select the date and time you are visiting, and then go through the purchase process. There should be the Museumkaart option so you on pay the 0.50 Euro. Book 2 months in advance to ensure you get the time slot you want.

  13. I bought a museum card in October but have lost it. I live in the UK but am planning to come to Amsterdam in July. Is there any way I can get it replaced without buying a new one?

  14. I bought a museum card in October but have lost it. I live in the uk but am planning to come to amsterdam in July. Is there anyway I can replace this?

  15. It states that the ticket may be purchased at any museum where it is accepted- but other sites state that this is only at certain of those museums.

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