SAIL amsterdam 2015 Festival

Sail Amsterdam 2015 has set its sights on becoming the most appealing nautical event in the world.

Sail Amsterdam 2015 is a big nautical event attracting thousands of sailing ships! Sail Amsterdam is one of the largest maritime manifestations in the world, and the largest event of any kind in the Netherlands.

The duration of this event in Amsterdam is five days, from Wednesday 19 August to Sunday 23 August 2015  Sail Amsterdam is organized once every five years and attracts well over a one and a half million visitors.

Sail Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam – A Perfect Combination

Tens of tall ships and many many other historical ships are involved. Various other ships and boats are present besides the participating ships, amounting to 8000 boats in the last edition. Sail Amsterdam promises to be one big party! The largest and most impressive Tall Ships from around the world will visit the Dutch capital.

The Dutch have a rich historical tradition of sailing and sea exploration and Amsterdam has always been a city with water close to its heart. No wonder that Sail Amsterdam is such a popular and big event.

Architecture cityscapeThe historic canals, as well as both the rivers IJ and Amstel, played a major role in its unique urban development over the centuries. So whenever Sail Amsterdam comes around, many people gather to watch the ships sailing into the city, as well as to experience maritime-themed acts and concerts, and lap up the chance to climb aboard both the old tall ships and new modern ships!

Tall Ships

Many sailing ships will sail to city to participate in Sail Amsterdam 2015, among which the most beautiful, special and exotic Tall Ships of the world. These iconic ships sailed the high seas for centuries.

The Tall Ships are the belle of the ball. The backbone of the maritime activities during Sail Amsterdam. Undoubtedly there would be no SAIL Amsterdam 2015 without them. Visiting one of these tall ships is very interesting, not only for kids.

At this moment 25 tall ships have confirmed their presence at Sail Amsterdam 2015. You can find an overview of all participating tall ships here.

Sail Amsterdam 2015 Tall Ships

Free Event

Sail Amsterdam is a free event. You may watch the ships parade from different spots in the city. All music concerts and admission to the ships is free as well. But if you decide to board one of the tourist ships taking part in the event, you will have to pay for the fare.

Check admission hours to visit the tall ships, as well as concerts hours and the evening fireworks shows in the event program.

Program Sail Amsterdam 2015

Wednesday August 19

One of the most popular events during Sail Amsterdam is the festive boat parade “Sail In”.  On Wednesday the 19th of August this “Sail In” will be held. Many beautiful tall ships will arrive that day and sail from IJmuiden to the Amsterdam harbor . A huge fleet of large and small ships will accompany this parade of tall ships. A fantastic spectacle to see and to experience! This is a truly unique sight which you’ll never forget.

Thursday 20, Friday 21 & Saturday 22 August

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening cruises are sailed with smaller, hospitality ships. The tall ships are in the IJ harbour and the Amsterdam waters are packed with the many boats. Every evening the festival will end with fireworks and live music.

Next to all the activity on the water, there is also plenty to do on the wharfs. The SAIL program boasts entertainment, art, culture, music, and sporting- and children’s activities.

Sunday 23 August

Sunday is the Sail Out and the tall ships will be escorted to the open sea. Not as great as during the Sail In but therefore maybe even more fun; you will get a bit closer to the big tall ships and will see the preparations for the voyage which again is before them. Definitely worthwhile!

Sail Amsterdam Venue

Sail Amsterdam takes place at “Het IJ”– the II Lake in Amsterdam North and the Amsterdam harbour waters nearby.


How to get to the Sail Amsterdam Venue

Just walk from the Central Station – a 5 kilometers long (ca. 3,1 miles) pedestrian route beginning at De Ruyterkade, behind the station. This route will be visibly marked by the organization with indicated directions to the different events of the celebration.

Please note that the Sail Amsterdam area is not accessible by car. The whole area of the event is closed to motor vehicles from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.

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