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AmsterdamTourist.info welcomes 1.200.000 visitors on her website per year (2019). We have a broad audience of younger and older tourists visiting our website looking for information about Amsterdam. The last years we received many questions regarding events, things to do in a specific month, best restaurants in Amsterdam, best shopping adresses etc etc.

Amsterdam Tourist Directory

Therefore we implemented a Tourist Directory on our website. On AmsterdamTourist.info you can:
– add new free (and paid) listings in the tourist directory in different categories and keep your listing up-to-date
– claim your existing listing and/or upgrade your listing to a paid premium listing for better exposure
– add a new Events on the Events Page

How can I add / claim a listing?

To start; create a new account on the right side of this page -LOGIN- “create account”
No sidebar? You probably are viewing this page on a mobile device… Check at the bottom of this page for login details.

When you are registered user / business owner you can choose between 2 options:

claim and upgrade an excisting listing
 add a new listing.

Categories – Free & Paid Listings

1.200.000 visitors per yesar
We offer free and paid listings at the AmsterdamTourist.info Tourist Directory in various categories.

Please choose one of the categories below for more information about free & paid listing for that categorie:

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