Restaurants in AmsterdamRestaurants in Amsterdam

There are so many restaurants in Amsterdam.

  1. Will be in central Amsterdam In May with 4 people, for 3 nights. Looking for dinners at restaurants where only locals eat..We have been to several tourist restaurants and they leave a lot to be desired..Restaurants where the locale eat are always the best and authentic

  2. could you please advise on gluten free restaurants in Amsterdam? also we wish to visit the van goth museum do we need an advance ticket we are coming on the 24th…thank you

    • Absolutely, for gluten-free goodness in Amsterdam, hit up “Beter & Leuk” – their menu is a celiac’s dream. Craving pizza? “Meditteraneo” has a killer gluten-free crust. Now, Van Gogh Museum on the 24th? You’ll be in luck, just grab those tickets online to dodge the queue. Van Gogh and gluten-free bites – sounds like a perfect day in Amsterdam! I write guides in different countrees and spmetimes help to write essays on cultural topic, have a look at my blog. And Enjoy Amsterdam!

  3. which restaurant is open

  4. Dir Sir and Woman,

    I am looking for a restaurant for 30 people with a high standard of cuisine (fine dining, like Zaza’s or Restaurant C)

    1. near the Heineken Experience (we arrive by boat)14.05.2019 19.30 h
    2. in the Anne of the Anne Frank Museum 15.05.2019 19.00 Uhr

    The food should be really upscale and as modern as possible

    Thank you very much

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