Amsterdam Houseboat Rental

Amsterdam Houseboat Rental

What if you don’t want to do the touristy thing? Rent an Amsterdam Houseboat for an unforgettable experience in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is also known as “Venice from the North” with its picturesque Canals: 165 waterways create a seemingly floating city of 90 islands connected by 1,281 bridges. So if you are looking for somewhere original to stay in Amsterdam, check our listing below with all Amsterdam Houseboat Rental possibilities. We have plenty of houseboats and boat accommodations for rent near Amsterdam City Centre.

Great locations

Enjoy the privacy, the views and the unique experience in some of Amsterdam’s most charming spots. Stay on a houseboat for a few nights to get a different view of Amsterdam from the water. Most houseboats in Amsterdam are fully equipped so you can cook your breakfast and dinner in your own private kitchen. In Amsterdam you find these houseboats along the canals and the Amstel river and in the former Amsterdam docklands.

History Houseboats in Amsterdam

Holland counts many houseboats, but Amsterdam holds the record with approximately 2500 houseboats. Some of them are available for tourists. When you get to Amsterdam you’ll see that houseboats are more or less permanently anchored along most of the canals. They are there for many years in the same spot and have a normal address just like the houses they face across the street. By origin Amsterdam houseboats were a way to deal with the city housing shortage, however, nowadays they are in high demand. Staying on a houseboat is an amazing and unforgettable experience in Amsterdam.

Pros & Cons about Amsterdam Houseboat Rental Accommodations

much larger than hotel rooms, and on most of them you have no direct neighbors so you share no walls.
most of the Amsterdam Houseboats are well located with a unique view over the water
 Amsterdam Houseboat rental is a great accommodation for families and small groups with three to six people; you can find a multi-bed or multi-room houseboat. So if you have 2 or 3 couples traveling together or even 4 single people, renting a houseboat can be unforgettable and a great value considering what you get. Most of them have large living rooms so it’s similar to having a huge hotel suite.
cook for yourself to save some money; most houseboats in Amsterdam have a fully equipped kitchen.
unique and authentic accommodations
most Amsterdam houseboat rental accommodations have an outdoor deck space
make friends with the ducks, swans and other unidentified waterfowl.

not cheap, and during high season very expensive
Many Amsterdam houseboats are booked months ahead so you might need to try a few different dates or different houseboats.
Depending on the exact location they might be on the route of everyday canal boat traffic for up to 16 hours per day
Amsterdam houseboats rental accommodations are spread all over the city. Check the location. Renting a houseboat far from the city centre is probably not worth doing. The cheapest ones will almost always be in distant parts of Amsterdam
On most boats you can hear the water lapping against the boat when other boats pass but there is very little movement.
Older boats can be a bit musty

Amsterdam Houseboat Rental Bookings

A houseboat in Amsterdam is a highly popular choice, so to be sure of getting just the one you want it’s best to book in advance. Search for the best Amsterdam Houseboat Rental options with direct online availability and Best Price Guaranteed:



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