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Are you READY for Amsterdam?  is a quality all-in-one destination guide for tourists and travelers visiting Amsterdam.  You can find all the information you need about Amsterdam and book your hotel, hostel, restaurant, museum and attraction tickets online.

By Locals is an independent website written by two Amsterdam locals. We (Mirjam and Jan) both live in Amsterdam since 2005 and have worked for many years in the Amsterdam tourist industry. Therefore we have a lot of knowledge about Amsterdam, specifically for tourists who are planning to visit our beautiful city. We love Amsterdam and like sharing our knowledge and passion with others!

Our goal

Our goal is to provide valuable tourist information to visitors of our beautiful city and to ensure that this information is always up-to-date. In addition, we try to develop a user friendly and responsive website, where all the information is easy to find and fun to read with a modern design. wants to be the leading website for visitors to plan their trip in Amsterdam and will always improve the website with new quality information.

But it’s not about us, but about you planning your trip to Amsterdam……

We LOVE to make YOU ready for Amsterdam!


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