Public Transport Amsterdam

Public Transport Amsterdam

Article update March 2022

There are several ways to explore the city. All the main attractions and sites in Amsterdam are within walking-distance. The Centre (especially within the canal ring) is really hard to reach and get through by car. It is easier to use the public transport Amsterdam network connecting all city districts; by taking a train, tram, metro (underground train), bus or ferry. Note that the tram is the most common and easiest way within the city center.

Public Transport Amsterdam Smart Card

Starting around June 2011, the government introduced the ‘OV chipkaart’ (Public Transport smart card) for Amsterdam. Nowadays, this is the one and only way to get around the city. It is an electronic card available for the duration of 24 up to 168 hours. You can buy this card at many hotels, tourist information offices, supermarkets, vending machines and also online if you want to prepare your city trip in advance. With this card you have to check-in and check-out every time when you use a tram, bus or metro. Public Transport Ticket Amsterdam 1 hourYou hop on a tram and instead of handing the ticket to the lady behind the desk, you need to hold it in front of a scanner near the door. Don’t forget to check out when you exit the tram! For the duration of the card, you have unlimited access for trams, buses and metro.

There is also the possibility to buy a one-hour card from the drivers and conductors (if necessary). If you like to travel more outside the city center, it is useful to take a metro or bus. Using the tram is the best way to travel within the city and they run until midnight.

Prices Public Transport 2022 (Amsterdam Only)


unlimited travel on all GVB trams, buses, metros and ferries inside the city of Amsterdam (day and night)

Hours / DaysPriceHours / DaysPrice
1 hour EUR 3.2096 hours / 4 daysEUR 25.50
24 hours / 1 day EUR 8.50120 hours / 5 daysEUR 29.50
48 hours / 2 daysEUR 14.50144 hours / 6 daysEUR 34.00
72 hours / 3 daysEUR 20.00168 hours / 7 daysEUR 37.00
Public Transport Smart Card for use in tram, bus and metro

Prices Public Transport 2022 incl transfer Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam


unlimited travel on all GVB trams, buses, metros and ferries inside the city of Amsterdam (day and night)
Airport Express: round trip transfer included by bus 397 and by night-bus N97 from Central Station to Schiphol Airport

Hours / DaysPriceHours / DaysPrice
24 hours / 1 dayEUR 20.25120 hours / 5 daysEUR 41.25
48 hours / 2 days EUR 26.25144 hours / 6 daysEUR 45.75
72 hours / 3 daysEUR 31.75168 hours / 7 daysEUR 48.75
96 hours / 4 daysEUR 37.25
Public Transport Smart Card for use in tram, bus and metro in Amsterdam including round trip transfer Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station

Public Transport Amsterdam Cards are also available at:

Ferries Free of Charge

Public Transport Ferry AmsterdamTo connect the north of Amsterdam with the city center, GVB (the Amsterdam Public Transport Organisation) provides a ferry network with 5 ferry links. The main 3 links start at the central station and connect 3 different locations on the other site of the river IJ. It can be used by passengers, bicycles and mopeds and is free of charge.

On this site of the Amsterdam Central Station, at the same level as the train platforms, the new bus station is situated. It is still under construction, but already in use.

  1. Hello,

    we will be visiting Amsterdam from Wed. 17th till Sat. 20th of June.
    We are 3 adults (52, 56 and 81 years old). Are there group cards? Is there a discount for elderly?

    Thank you for your soonest reply and best regads,

    Mónica Nieto

  2. Morning. I’m a person with disability. I’ll visit Amsterdam with my caredriver. Please are there any discounts for me and her about public transport? Thank you so much for your precious support.

  3. I am staying at a hotel in amstelveen in may and need to get transport from the airport and the later into amcterdam city centre . I am staying with three others for two nights so probably need a 62 HR pass for travel but not sure which pass to get and where from. Hope you could help?

  4. I would like to know how to get around with an electric wheelchair. Can a person get on a tram with that? We are planning to arrive by train.

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