Passenger Terminal Amsterdam


Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Amsterdam is becoming an increasingly popular cruise ship destination. In the Oostelijk Havengebied, on the banks of the IJ River, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam is located. Many cruise ships arrive here, welcoming 300,000 passengers on an annual basis. The terminal is a destination, departure point as well as a stopover for a European trip or a cruise to the Baltic.

Parkings & Services

The terminal is easy to reach and it has parking facilities for coaches and cars. It offers numerous facilities for the ships and their passengers; shops, luggage lockers, roof terraces, ATM machines, internet consoles, television- and kids-corner and much more. And there is a tourist information desk of course.


On the website of Passenger Terminal Amsterdam you can find a cruisecalender with all the information when cruise ships arrive at Amsterdam.


  1. Comment rejoindre le terminal depuis la gare centrale

  2. can you get a covid test at the cruise terminal prior to getting on your cruise

    • Dear Pam, as far as we know the Cruise Terminal does not offer covid tests prior to your cruise. You can check the travel agency where you have booked your cruise if they have more information.
      Kind Regards,

  3. It’s not unusual to see cruises where at first glance it appears you’re calling at Amsterdam, but a closer inspection of the itinerary reveals you’re actually stopping at Ijmuiden, which is an hour’s bus ride away. So beware!

  4. I will be reaching Amsterdam cruis terminal on the 11th of Aug, 2019 and will be part of a Baltic cruise leaving the same day. AND I will be back on the 23rd of Aug.

    I have to leave my Excess bagage at this Amsterdam terminal from 11th Aug to 23rd Aug. Please let me know the following:-
    1. Appro distance between left luggage lockers and the cruise boarding point.
    2. How long does it take on an average to complete a) The booking process and b) the release process??
    3. What documents would you reuire?
    4. What are the charges per day for a 30 Kg bag of Standard airline sie?
    Thanks and regards,
    Anil Dewanwala

  5. After arriving in Amsterdam by boat, we liked to explore the city centre of Amsterdam before moving on to our next location. As we didn’t like to go back to the passenger terminal to pick up our luggage, we went to Lockerpoint and rented a luggage locker. We were quite lucky because there was only 1 locker left. The owner of the shop told us that they also have a luggage room (so always enough capacity) but they always recommend to reserve a locker online. I just reserved one for when we come back and their website and reservation system ( is quite handy. Have a good trip!

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