Amsterdam by car


Amsterdam by Car

Every year, approximately one million visitors are welcomed in Amsterdam by car. There are many paths entering separate districts of the city, all connected to the A10. This is the main ring road, which loops around the city of Amsterdam.

Crowded City Center

Within the city center, streets are quite narrow and crowded with pedestrians and cyclists. When Amsterdam was built, they did not take the number of cars into account driving around these days. Therefore it is quite difficult for foreigners to get around the city by car. Under Dutch law, all drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts. It is prohibited to drive while using a hand-held mobile phone or similar device. Car seats or appropriate restraints are compulsory for children. Motorcyclists must wear a helmet. There are also strict laws about driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Parking & Public Transport

Parking in Amsterdam is expensive. However there are several options to park your car in Amsterdam and explore the city by public transport or by bike.

Car Rental

If you want to rent a car in Amsterdam please have a look at SIXT Car Rental or at Avis Amsterdam City Centre. Most of the time they offer the best and cheapest car rental rates in Amsterdam:

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