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Transportation to Amsterdam by:


Many ways will lead you to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Travelers can fly into Schiphol Airport. This is the national and international airport of Amsterdam and only situated 15 kilometers outside the city.  This means after arriving by plane, you can reach the city by taxi, shuttle bus or train within half an hour.


Another way of transportation is taking a train. Many visitors get their first impression of Amsterdam upon arrival at the central railway station ‘Amsterdam Centraal’. An impressive historical station and perfect starting point for your trip using public transport.


Since Amsterdam is situated at the river IJ, another way to arrive to the city is by boat. Cruise ships can enter the city and anchor at the banks of the IJ; Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.


Around 10 kilometers south of the city center, Amstel station is situated. This is the central place where all international buses are welcomed. It has a large parking spot where these buses can easily stop and go.


And of course you can reach the city of Amsterdam easily by car.

Getting around

To get around though, it is not recommended to do so by car and therefore Amsterdam has a great public transport system (‘GVB’). The best and cheapest way to park your car in Amsterdam is by using the so called P+R (park & ride) spots . The city is fairly small and flat, so you can also choose to go on foot after arrival at the central station and rent a bike during your stay.


  1. hello, I want to buy a one hour ticket on tram 17 , from the train station to my accommodation. Can i purchase this ticket onboard the tram with my debit card?

  2. Will be in Amsterdam September 20-23.
    Where do I purchase aGVB card?

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