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Amsterdam Areas

Amsterdam is world famous, but still a small city. All the areas bounded by the ring road are accessible by bike within 45 minutes. The typical cityscape of Amsterdam is created by the canals around the old center.  The canal belt and the old city center are very popular because of the variety of museums and attractions in this area, but there is much more to discover in the other areas of Amsterdam besides the old city center. Each neighborhood has its own special character and offers plenty of sights and attractions. If you have some time to spend in Amsterdam, visit one of the other neighborhoods and explore a different Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Areas – information guide by area

Information guide area by area in Amsterdam with shopping tips, museums, attractions, sights, hotels, restaurants and bars for each area.


Slide Old Center Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Canal Belt Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Noord Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Westerpark Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Jordaan Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Oud West Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Museum Quarter Amsterdam Area Guide Slide De Pijp Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Plantage Amsterdam Area Guide Slide Oostelijk Havengebied Amsterdam Area Guide



  1. Will be visiting your city soon – any information you can send is appreciated

  2. Will be visiting first time late Sept…anyway, I can get a copy of a guide to city to read or anything mailed to me…thank you….

    • Hey Michael, we’re going around the same time and I found that using the Plan Apple site is a very useful tool! What are you looking to do there?

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